Power Studio version 1.20.2

Mon, 15 Jan

Power Studio, the premier software solution for radio stations, is thrilled to announce the release of Version 1.20.2, bringing users a host of improvements, fixes, and exciting new features. This latest update underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for radio automation and broadcasting.

One of the key enhancements in Version 1.20.2 is the optimization of the Tracks Browser's search algorithm. Previously, the search functionality could feel sluggish on older or slower computers. To address this issue, we have implemented a background thread for performing searches, ensuring a smoother and more responsive user experience for all users.

In the Formats / Scheduler module, we have introduced a helpful feature that displays an error message when attempting to delete a Clock Format or Static Item that is still in use. This enhancement prevents accidental deletion of essential components, providing users with greater clarity and control over their scheduling processes.

Version 1.20.2 also marks significant progress in interoperability with other Power Studio modules. Preparations have been made for Power Studio to communicate with Power Sync Client, enabling near-real-time uploads of voice tracks. Similarly, preparations have been made for Power Studio to communicate track/commercial deletions to Power Traffic, paving the way for enhanced synchronization and workflow management across different components of the Power Studio ecosystem.

Furthermore, this update includes various bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Resolving an issue with a 3rd party library that caused issues in Multi-Studio mode and could impact other connection-related functionality.
  • Ensuring the database layer is resilient to Tracks without an Artist linked to them, improving data integrity and consistency.
  • Enhancing the data access configuration mechanism for smoother operation.
  • Updating SSH / SFTP components for increased performance and stability.

These improvements and fixes demonstrate our ongoing commitment to delivering a seamless and reliable experience for Power Studio users. We strive to continuously enhance our software to meet the evolving needs of radio broadcasters worldwide.

Power Studio Version 1.20.2 sets the stage for even greater connectivity, performance, and functionality in future releases. We are excited to empower our users with the latest tools and capabilities to streamline their broadcasting operations and engage audiences like never before.

Users are encouraged to update to the latest version to take advantage of these enhancements and improvements. For more information and to download Version 1.20.2, visit the Power Studio website today. Experience the power of seamless radio automation with Power Studio!

Vincent Verschuren
Power Studio